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Training Transfer strategies

Ways to design training that transfers to the workplace

How do you design your training? Do you have to report to management regarding return on investment (ROI)?  What strategies do you use to transfer training to the workplace?

As every department is being held more accountable for their contribution to the bottom line, L&D and Training units are going to come under increasing pressure to ‘prove their worth’.

But that’s not easy is it?

How do you decide what to teach, when, for how long and who?

Often this is dictated by a manager who has already made a decision about the problem/need and decided on a cure… frequently without too much investigation of the root problem. We end up training to a symptom rather than the solution.  This proves to be inefficient.

We work within our limitations and restrictions in our various organisations, but there are fabulous opportunities to create powerful training interventions that challenge and engage.

Strategies to transfer training to the workplace

So let’s look at some really practical strategies you can put in place to increase the likelihood of addressing a business need and improving the workplace.

Did you find this useful? I hope so. Share the video. Use it in a team meeting to consider how the ideas might work in your environment.

I’d love to hear how you improve the likelihood of training transfer. Share in the comments below.

Got a topic that’s bother you or you want to know more about? Get in touch. I’m happy to share the world according to Yvette 🙂


  1. Michele Zackey · May 16, 2015 at 7:59 am · Reply

    Great resources Yvette, look forward to reading and discussing areas of work and focus.

  2. Michele

    Thrilled you found it useful. Let me know if there’s anything I can help with. Love to be of service.

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