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(NB: Not all training requires seats and attendance – there are other methods/tools. Not all situations are improved through training.)

Do you want to provide corporate training that works?

Do you want to know, with confidence, when training is not the answer and what to do with that!

Do you want to help participants know how the training relates to them and their role in the business – that is, not bore them to death with too much content and waste their time?

Do you want to make the workplace better?

Of course you do.

You’re in this role because you’re passionate about helping people. You are determined to create opportunities for people to grow and develop within the workplace and personally. You know that workplaces can be productive and happy. You are important in making that happen.

This is not a generic train the trainer course with assessments to be completed to fulfill some external accreditation requirement. This is about YOU. Your needs, right now. What can we do together now to help make you the amazing positive influence you want to be. To grow professionally. To thrive in your workplace. To look to the future with optimism and a structure you can use again and again. It’s just you and me working on your stuff. Now that’s productive and fun.

What do you want to achieve? What do you need? Save time. Create great products. Look for new options. Think about how to do it differently. I can help.

Do you provide training or development in a business?

I provide one-on-one or group mentoring. We can discuss how to;

  • identify the business need rather than the symptom
  • identify key stakeholders to drive the change/sponsor the training
  • choose the most appropriate design to bring about training transfer (encourage participants to take the content back to the workplace and improve their practice)
  • create challenging and immediately useful activities (eg scenarios, role plays, life in a day, matrix, problem based learning, simulations, movement, etc)
  • brainstorm training take-aways
  • consider and create training resource options (tool kits, how to, just in time products, work aids)
  • create policy and systems to streamline training processes
  • talk implementation, engagement, fun and adult learning
  • create evaluation strategies and tools
  • understand learning transfer to the workplace
  • and anything else that fits.


 Mentoring on Skype

Starting at AU$500 per month for a minimum of 3 months.

We will talk strategy and actionable ideas twice a month for up to 50 minutes each. We will pinpoint the areas most likely to get you early wins and have the most impact. You will be very clear about what to do before the next call. I’m all about immediately useful ideas. You can send me resources to look over and I will make comments during the calls. After the call, as a bonus, I will send you a copy of my notes, a summary of the conversation and an actionable list.

In person mentoring

Assuming you live in South East Queensland through to Toowoomba, North to Noosa or South to the Tweed! We can meet in person. Sit with pen, paper and coffee and work it through. (You’re welcome to drink tea, but I LOVE good coffee!)

Same action learning structure.  Starting at $600 per month (depending on travel requirements) for at least 3 months. Two meetings per month with follow up after each meeting.

Your first session is free! Let’s see if we suit each other! Mentoring is a relationship I take seriously and I want you to be comfortable with me. You’ll walk away with from this meeting with a clear idea of what we could achieve and some ideas to implement straight away.

Contact me via email and we will discuss your needs and work out a time that suits us both.

If we are a good match, I’ll send you an invoice for the first month prior to starting.

So what do you have to gain? Email me. Let’s work together.

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You’ll receive a 2 page instructional design checklist. Just some of the big picture items to remember as you create training. As a bonus, for a short time (unspecified at this stage… just feeling it out) you’ll also receive a more comprehensive eBook. “Instructional design checklist for corporate trainers – using ADDIE. Stay focused, save time (Bonus: the bold stuff they don’t put in text books)” – quite possibly the longest title ever!

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