Corporate Training Academy

Working with Children – Blue Card System

Developing school administrative staff and leadership teams in the compliant implementing the Blue Card System in Queensland schools through corporate training, workshops, and independent audits.

Building confidence in your systems while safeguarding your students.

Our experience indicates that schools are specialists in education rather than governance or administrative systems.  That’s where we come in.

Blue Cards promote student safety in schools

We specialize in helping Schools to implement the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 and Reg 2011 in Queensland schools.

Blue Cards

Student Protection and Blue Card System

The guiding principle of the legislation is ‘the welfare and best interests of a child are paramount; every child is entitled to be cared for in a way that protects the child from harm and promotes the child’s wellbeing.’

The children in your care deserve your protection. The Blue Card System may not be perfect but it is a way to ensure that a ‘disqualified’ person does not work or volunteer in your school (unless they’re a parent, but there are other ways to manage that risk).

We say the Blue Card System is the ‘screen door’ people with poor intentions test.

Our focus is always on improvement and creating safe and supportive learning environments for students. We focus on the professional development of School employees to promote compliant implementation of the Working with Children legislative requirements.

We are independent of Blue Card Services and have been specializing in working with schools for the last 3 years.

How do you implement the legislation?

Blue Card Compliance

What is your current status? Compliant? Safe?

  • How would your school perform in a Blue Card Services audit?
  • How confident are you that everyone who should hold a current Blue Card does?
  • How efficient are your internal processes?
  • Do you have a homestay program or extensive coaching commitments? Yes. Our experience indicates these are the high risk areas for non-compliance in a school.
  • Do you have a Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy that is renewed annually and has stakeholder involvement?

The current QLD Blue Card System is under review. It has moved from PBSA to JAG (Department of Justice and Attorney General).  There are changes ahead that promise a more streamline and automated approach. We are keeping abreast of the changes so you do not have to. We are also contributing to the changes as a stakeholder.

This is a period of opportunity to get your systems in place.

The current Blue Card System has three parts, screening, maintenance, and the Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy (C&YRMS). All three parts are required by the law when operating a ‘regulated business’.

Our Services

The following services are available and may or may not include the C&YRMS depending on the School’s needs:

Empowered actions

Corporate Training Solutions

  • In house workshops – our facilitators work with the Working with Children implementation team at your school.
    • Problem based learning methodology to develop understanding and implementation.
    • Map out your internal processes to identify and create useful governance tools (procedures, flow charts, checklists, work instructions, Blue Card Register.
  • Group training
    • Is your school part of a group/association of schools or want to share the costs with other schools in your area? We come to you to provide scenario based training to aid in understanding how to implement the legislation. We share what we’ve learned from working with different school systems across the state.
  • Independent compliance check
    • We attend your school to undertake an audit of compliance, with a focus on improvement and professional development.
    • Detailed report of findings – including indicating any legislative breaches, gaps in process, and high risk activities.
    • Tools to correct gaps are provided in most situations.
    • We can be contracted by a Governing Body to audit all or a sample of associated schools. The results are reported to either the Governing Body or the school or both.

Contact Yvette to discuss your school’s needs.

Email – or phone 040870 2929 during office hours.

We have some capacity left in semester four of 2017. We have started taking bookings for school audits and WWC workshops in 2018. Some schools find it easier to have us attend during school breaks so that all of the necessary staff are available to attend the workshops. Think about the people who screen coaches, tutors, and home stay families. You want all of those people in the room.