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Success requires more than good intentions.

Yvette Wright is the Director of the Corporate Training Academy.

Yvette has worked in leadership and corporate education in the Corporate Training Academy, Queensland Police Service, Department of Child Safety, and the Queensland Centre for Mental Health and Learning. She has also provided services for private businesses and professional speakers to create and implement powerful learning experiences.

Yvette’s unique experience in leadership, education, governance, and well-being have positioned her to provide professional advice and tools to promote student protection in independent schools.

Yvette is passionate about helping school leaders and administrators to interpret and implement the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 and Regulation 2011 (QLD).

The Corporate Training Academy provides solutions, tools and training to promote safe, supportive learning environments for children to grow and thrive.

Yvette, or one of the CTA team, attends the school to interview the people responsible for implementing and maintaining the Blue Card Screening process and the development and maintenance of the Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy. Concerns and recommendations are reported based on the analysis of the evidence provided.

CTA provides tools, templates, strategies, and examples of effective practice.

Three years of conducting such evaluations and audits have evidenced that schools with extensive sport, co-curricular and/or homestay programmes are most likely to have breaches in legislation. This means the school is breaking the law but, much more importantly, they are putting their students in potential danger. This is easy to resolve once the gaps are identified and tools and processes are put in place.

Yvette has 20 years of experience as a corporate learning and development specialist across multiple public sector and private sector businesses. She has a Masters of Educational Studies and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Queensland. Yvette received the ‘Excellence in Teaching’ Award from the University of Queensland when she worked for 5 years as an academic in the School of Business.

Student centric.

Yvette and the CTA team:

  • deliver training/workshops
  • evaluate current practices and systems
  • identify core business needs/problems/opportunities
  • design and develop solutions for your school/business and your staff (with consultation)
  • provide recommendations, tools and strategies to be implemented in the school/business

For more information about Blue Card System advice/evaluations/audits or other specialist services, please contact Yvette via the contact page.

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Over the years I worked with MANY enthusiastic, overworked, and isolated educators/trainers. You may be in training and development role because you are capable in your discipline/skill and enjoy helping others. You have a desire to improve the workplace. To make it better. Or you might be in a small business and find yourself doubling up as the trainer/coach. Doing your core role while helping others learn ‘how we do things here’.

Be generous and humble – always. This way we all keep learning.

Yvette's ethos

Yvette Wright

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