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Learning without execution is a complete waste of time! Use these 7 design tips

Create powerful learning tools = profitable businesses

Create powerful learning tools = profitable businesses

for worksheets and get a bonus method you may never have considered.

Create powerful learning tools = profitable businesses

We all know that want happens in the training room does not always make it back to the floor. Why? Mostly because of poor learning design. Yep. I said it.

If we want our workforce to change, the materials have to be about the actions and not the knowledge.

People should DO SOMETHING in training. Here’s some quick tips for creating worksheets that target action. Design them right, and your learner will take them back to the workplace to use as a self created cheat sheet. Win.

I developed this video for my other business ( where I work with entrepreneurs who are out there teaching from their computers (from where ever they choose!!! whenever they choose!!!). So, yes. I’m breaking my own first rule – create for a specific client and a specific problem. However there is method in my madness.

Entrepreneurs are out there making big bucks teaching their wisdom and there is some really useful materials around design and development being created – for free. SO spread your net wide when you are researching innovative ways to move your learners toward mastery.

Worksheets work in business. I use them all the time. Give it a go. Here’s the Worksheet design checklist (because it would be ridiculous to not have one with this topic!)

I’d love to have you take a copy of the free eBook.

Leave a message below or get in touch. Share the post and the worksheet with anyone who may find it useful. Please share all that you learn generously.

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