Corporate Training Academy

    Student protection audits and targeted solutions

    Supporting safe learning environments for students in Queensland.

    We come to your school or business, speak to the people involved, map processes and identify gaps and solutions.

    We provide evidence and solutions.

    We understand that the Working with Children Legislation, Blue Card implementation and maintenance, and Child and Youth Risk Management Strategies are NOT your core business. We are here to evaluate and provide solutions to develop your staff and create systems to support compliant implementation.

    The Queensland Working with Children legislation is currently under review. Allow us to stay up to date and provide the guidance you require.

    We believe students deserve a safe, supportive learning environment. The BEST school leaders create an environment where student protection is deeply embedded in all aspects of the school’s culture.

    Our unique experience in corporate education, governance, leadership and systems solutions allows us to provide specific solutions for your staff.

    What learning and development solutions do you need?

    Custom solutions to workplace problems. Consultative. Face-to-face, online, blended. Compliance audits with recommendations.

    Our expert facilitators deliver your materials. Independent. Experienced. Professional.

    We create materials for your trainers to deliver. Train the trainer. Coaching if required.

    Corporate Trainers.  Free resources, blog and videos. Experienced mentoring for those of you who would love a sounding board and personal help with solutions.

    Welcome to the Corporate Training Academy

    Let’s make it simple. People need to know; what to do; how to do it; how much wriggle room they have (space to be creative/flexible in their role – or not!); and how their work contributes to the purpose of the business (what’s their part in the ‘why the business exists’).


    The workplace is better when we all do our part with a sense of professionalism, enthusiasm, fun and compassion for each other. These are the qualities we bring to your business.

    Yvette Wright is passionate, practical and straight talking with 20 years of experience to share.

    To that end, Yvette provides assistance for internal corporate educators. The resources provided in this website are designed for corporate educators who are looking for tools and tricks to improve performance in their workplace.

    Shortcut worksheet

    August 18, 2015

    Everyone loves a shortcut. Create targeted, solutions focused, shortcuts that make training easy and put the solutions where they are needed when they are needed.

    6 ways to transfer training to the workplace

    February 12, 2015

    Transfer training to the workplace video chock full of ideas and strategies. Create training that solves a business need and improves workplace performance. How do you make sure your efforts result in improved performance? Here's 6 simple strategies to implement.

    4 storytelling strategies that engage and improve performance in the workplace

    January 28, 2015

    Storytelling through scenarios, case studies, role plays and anecdotes. Storytelling engages and challenges participants to integrate new learning with their experiences, their feelings, and often their unconscious bias. That's powerful learning that translates into the workplace. See examples and hints about how they can be used well. Links to good free resources.